Beebe Healthcare Administers Sussex County’s First COVID Vaccines

Sussex County’s first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have gone to five front-line healthcare workers with Beebe Healthcare.

Registered nurse Sintia Rodriguez, who works in the Emergency department and behavioral health unit, received the first shot.

“I didn’t know I would be the first person in Sussex County, so I am very grateful,” Rodriguez said. “I have worked in the emergency department throughout the pandemic, and I’ve really seen people become very sick. I’m glad that this vaccine can be a tool to end this pandemic.”

Beebe Healthcare’s multi-tiered approach for administering the vaccine follows CDC and state guidance, focusing first on high-risk groups who have direct contact with patients. Beebe is finalizing plans to provide the vaccine to the general population.

This historic moment exceeded all expectations,” Beebe Healthcare President and CEO David A. Tam said. “We have planned and prepared for this, but to witness Beebe’s front-line healthcare workers receive an extra layer of defense against this deadly virus that we all have been battling since March, was truly something special. We know this vaccine is a valuable tool in returning to our pre-pandemic normal. In the coming weeks as more vaccine supplies arrive, Beebe will continue to care for the community. Beebe remains open and safe for all who are in need of care.”