Beebe Healthcare Revises Patient Visitation Policies

Beebe Healthcare is revising its visitation guidelines, with extended hours available for one “well visitor” at the Margaret H. Rollins Campus in Lewes.

Visits will be permitted between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“We are glad to extend the hours that a visitor can spend with their loved one at Beebe Healthcare,” Beebe Healthcare President and CEO Dr. David Tam said. “Our team knows this is an important part of the recovery process and are thankful for the understanding community members who followed these guidelines during the surge.”

According to Beebe Healthcare, considerations are being made for labor and delivery, surgery patients and patients at end-of-life care. Also, pediatric patients may have two “well” parents or caregivers visit.

Visitors are advised to plan ahead and be familiar with updated policies.

Beebe Healthcare provided additional information:

Visitors are asked to remain with the patient to limit movement throughout the hospital. Visitors may also be asked to leave if the care team deems necessary for any clinical reasons. Clergy and Pastoral Visitors do not count toward the patient’s visitor quota.

Here are some other things to expect when coming to a Beebe care location:

  • You are expected to wear a surgical mask or KN95
  • You can expect to be asked COVID-19 screening questions, such as whether you have been sick or been around others who might be sick
  • You can expect to have your temperature taken
  • You can expect to see Plexiglas dividers at some stations and visual cues on the floor to encourage physical distancing
  • You may be asked to call when you arrive, or complete registration in your car
  • Continued limitations of the number of visitors are still in place.
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