Bethany Beach Beach Access Limited Due to Erosion and Storm Damage


Storm damage along the Delaware Coast – just north of Indian River Inlet / photo courtesy Eric Reifsnyder

Bethany Beach officials say this early October storm has taken several feet of dune and closed many of our beach access ramps. These ramps are marked closed and people are urged not to push past the fence or tape, the edges of the ramp will cave in and in some cases, there is a drop of several feet.

The restoration of these ramps is the responsibility of the State of Delaware who regulates any construction or movement of sand on Delaware’s shoreline. Their workload at this time is incredible as all of Delaware’s coastline has been ravaged by this storm and is in need of some form of repair.

Over the next several weeks (absent another weather event) the State may work to restore ramps where there is a minimal amount of repair needed. However, the State may wait for the United States Army Corps of Engineer’s beach replenishment project to restore beaches, dunes and beach access points. That replenishment is scheduled for the first half of 2023.

Extra caution should be taken when on the beach and at the toe of the remaining dune. In many cases, there is a sand cliff several feet tall, and the face of that cliff is not stable and prone to cave in. The Town is placing warning signage oceanfront at the dune edge, but it is impossible for us to fence the dune off at this time.


  • 5th Street
  • 4th Street
  • Oakwood Street 
  • Maplewood Street
  • Ashwood Street
  • Cedarwood Street 


  • Ocean View Parkway (vehicular crossover) 
  • Ocean View Parkway (handicap ramp)
  • Third Street
  • Second Street
  • First Street
  • Central Boulevard
  • Campbell Place (north ramp) 
  • Campbell Place (south ramp)
  • Garfield Parkway (north ramp)
  • Garfield Parkway (south ramp)
  • Hollywood Street
  • Parkwood Street 
  • Wellington Parkway

There currently no handicap access to the beach in Bethany.