Bethany Officials Assess Storm Damage


Beach crossing at Bandstand / Image courtesy Town of Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach officials are investigating the damage from the Nor’ Easter and say the beach, dune and pedestrian crossovers are in poor condition just two weeks before the start of the summer season. DNREC is working with the town to restore the beach ramps as soon as possible.

Beach crossing at Oakwood Street / Image courtesy Town of Bethany Beach

Currently only seven beach access ramps are open:

Cedarwood Street (vehicular crossover)
Ashwood StreetĀ 
Maplewood Street
Oakwood StreetĀ 
Ocean View Parkway
Fourth Street
Fifth Street

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) controls our beaches and is responsible for all beach repair and maintenance. The Town cannot work independently of DNREC to repair our dune and beach or crossovers, nor does the Town have the necessary heavy equipment to do so. 

DNREC is committed to working with the Town to restore beach ramps as quickly as possible. DNREC may in the coming days and weeks take the unprecedented (in recent memory at least) of trucking sand onto the beach to help with the repair of some of our crossovers. If they do so, that will make crossover repair possible in the next few weeks!

These are, of course, not the best conditions for the beginning of summer. Bethany Beach will work tirelessly with DNREC and continue to advocate for the repair of our crossovers as quickly as possible.

Click HERE for Video of Storm Damaged Beach.