Bicycle Safety Checkpoints Return To Rehoboth Area


More bicycle safety checks are scheduled in Rehoboth Beach during the summer, starting this Thursday July 15th

DelDOT’s Bicycle program will examine a bike, and mechanics are on hand to make repairs or install bicycle lights. Bicycle helmets will also be available. Services are free of charge.

Bicycle safety checkpoints will be held the next four Thursdays between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Route 1 southbound at the Nike outlet store, and Route 1 northbound at Royal Farms on Holland Glade Road.

“Through these safety checkpoints we hope to build awareness of local laws, educate riders, and distribute proper equipment to those who need it,” Delaware Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski said. “Our vision at DelDOT is to create a bicycle network through a connected system of low-speed local roads, off-street trails, and on-street bicycle facilities that provide comfortable routes for all skill levels and encourage bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.”

DelDOT also hopes to increase awareness of local laws and bicycle safety practices during these events.

“Over the years DelDOT has partnered with cyclists in Sussex County to help promote bicycle safety for local residents, tourists and the international students who arrive to the beach resort areas as seasonal workers,” DelDOT Bicycle Coordinator John Fiori added. “Transportation in these areas is an issue. Many international students bicycle as their only means of transportation. However, the bicycling customs they are used to can differ from those here in the U.S. These safety checkpoints provide an opportunity to explain the State’s bicycling laws, the rules of the road and provide safety information.”

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