Biden & Trump Winners in DE Presidential Primary (Unofficial Results)


Image courtesy DE Department of Elections

The Delaware Presidential Primary had no surprises – VP Joe Biden easily won the Democratic vote with 89% of the vote. Bernie Sanders got 7% and Elizabeth Warren 3% of the vote. On the GOP side – President Trump grabbed 88% of the vote and Roque de la Fuente got 12%.

Image courtesy DE Department of Elections

In Sussex County Joe Biden and Donald Trump were also the winners –
Joe Biden – 16,617
Bernie Sanders – 925
Elizabeth Warren – 543

Donald Trump – 12,389
Rocque De La Fuente – 1125

Voter turnout was around 23% however the new voting system data does not include the breakdown between the percentage of Democrat and Republican voters as the old voting system data showed.

Sussex County Director of Elections, Ken McDowell, told WGMD that turnout in Sussex around 1pm was light to moderate, and it had been a relatively quiet day – with no real problems at the various polling locations. McDowell said there was one problem this morning when they went to open the Morris Early Learning Center location in Lincoln, which took a lightning strike during the storms Monday night. Ten voters had to vote at other locations – before the site was up and running by about 9:30am.

Over 21,700 absentee ballots were sent out in Sussex County and McDowell was expecting around 16,000 to be returned (around 16,624 from the unofficial numbers)
For the state – he was estimating over 50,000 absentee ballots statewide (from the unofficial numbers – 55,723 absentee ballots returned statewide).

Sussex County Districts / Absentee ballots returned
D 14 – 3741
D 20 – 3324
D 35 – 835
D 36 – 1061
D 37 – 1790
D 38 – 3228
D 39 – 813
D 40 – 733
D 41 – 1099

Statewide – with 99.13% of the voting machines reported at 67,842, the number of absentee votes cast was at 55,723. The unofficial total number of votes cast at 123,565.