Bidens Enjoy the Beach Like Regular Visitors!


During the President’s longest stay here at the beach since entering office, he and the First Lady last week went on regular bike rides, hit the beach and also went for dinner and a movie. If you missed a chance to have your photo taken with the Bidens or get video of one of the motorcades for your social media page, you may still have your chance! The First Couple is expected to return this coming week!

Last week, the President was on the bike trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park on a daily basis. That is where Suzanne Goode shot this video of the President bicycling followed by six golf carts and two UTVs. People frequently waited for him, like here at Herring Point. That is where a few lucky visitors had a chance to actually engage with him for several minutes and even take photos.

The President was “so terrific and spoke to [a] group that was there for about 15 minutes on everything from the history of the Gordon’s Pond trail and Cape Henlopen State Park, the movie Oppenheimer and dinner at Matt’s Fish Camp,” says Erik Smulson. “I asked if we could take a selfie and he said ‘Give me your phone and I’ll take it,'” says Smulson, who is wearing the yellow shirt standing next to the President!

Photo courtesy Pres. Joe Biden via Erik Smulson 🙂

The First Couple also joined vacationers on the beach at the end of their street in North Shores.

They left the press pool at the beach access but a few people on the beach managed to shoot some video or photos of the couple on the sand! Beachgoers went wild as seen in this Instagram video.

The Secret Service and White House staff kept an eye on the crowd and frequently told people to “keep moving please.”

Here’s a closer look at the book the First Lady was reading, Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver.

Last Tuesday, the First Couple left their beach house and took this 19-vehicle motorcade for dinner and a movie.

It was logistically challenging as officials had to manage peak-season traffic and the President’s motorcade which was headed to Matt’s Fish Camp near Lewes. Traffic was stopped on Rehoboth Avenue and Columbia Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach and on Coastal Highway to accommodate the motorcade.

The Bidens dined with tourists offering a unique photo opportunity for those visiting.

After dinner, the First Couple joined excited moviegoers to watch Oppenheimer at the Movies at Midway theater. They later returned to North Shores where they took a late-night stroll along the beach.

The media coverage inspired by the recent visit has been fascinating to watch. Here’s a selection of the reports: