UPDATED: Bidens Expected to Arrive on Wednesday in Rehoboth Beach!



A two-day trip to Rehoboth Beach this week for the Bidens seems to be definitely in the works. This will be the President’s first trip to his beach house since entering office.

The White House schedule released this evening confirms that the President and First Lady will arrive in Rehoboth around 6:15 p.m.

Earlier today, DNREC issued this brief statement that the Gordons Pond section of the Cape Henlopen State Park will be closed on Wednesday and Friday.

“The Gordons Pond parking area, pavilion, beach area and surf fishing vehicle crossing at the southern end of Cape Henlopen State Park will be closed on Wednesday, June 2 and on Friday, June 4 for a security event coordinated among local, state and federal authorities,” the statement reads.

“There will also be intermittent periods on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when the southernmost portion of the Gordons Pond trail within the park will be closed,” it states.

Presumably, this is where Marine One will land and depart. The trail will likely be a destination for one of the President’s famous bike trips.

Helicopters that appear to be used to fly the President were seen flying over the Cape Henlopen area along with a Delaware State Police helicopter on Tuesday.

Military HMX-1 helicopters flying over the beach north of the Henlopen on Tuesday. Image courtesy Andrew Jerdonek

Also issued on Tuesday is this VIP temporary flight restriction (TFR) that will impact air traffic throughout the region. It starts Wednesday evening and ends Friday morning.

VIP TFR covering Joe Biden’s visit to the area.

The TFR also prohibits drone flights as well within the inner perimeter. Those who violate a TFR could be punished in three different ways: (1) you can be criminally punished up to a maximum of one year in federal prison and a $100,000 fine, (2) you can have your pilot license suspended or revoked, and/or (3) receive a civil penalty by itself or on top of the $100,000 fine.

Military vehicles have been seen at motels in the area preparing to support a Presidential visit.

Military supply trucks stage outside of Rehoboth in preparation for a Presidential visit. Image courtesy WGMD/Walt Palmer

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