Bidens Return for More Beach Time!


While not as lengthy as his previous visit, the President returned this past Friday for his 18th visit to his beach house since entering office.

He arrived via Marine One early Friday evening accompanied by the traditional two decoys and the state police helicopter. The First Lady had already been here since Tuesday.

Photo courtesy Richard Tananis

Saturday mass remains the public’s best chance to get a glimpse of the President and his entourage.

Here he was arriving for mass at Saint Edmond Roman Catholic Church. A crowd gathered across the street and cheered when he waved as he entered the church for the 5:30 p.m. mass.

To the left of the President are White House staffers Anthony Bernal and Annie Tomasini.

The President is typically the last one in and the first one out, so we rarely see photos of him from inside the church. But here’s one!

Photo courtesy Joe Bradley

The President returned to his beach house after mass. This was once again his only trip into town.

As police were preparing for the President’s arrival at the church around 4:40 p.m., several officers including those from Dewey Beach responded around the corner to the ocean block of Brooklyn Avenue after a domestic disturbance required additional officers to get it under control. Police took one man into custody, but no word yet on charges.

On Sunday, the Bidens went for a bike ride in the Cape Henlopen State Park in the morning and later met EU Ambassador Mark Gitenstein and his wife, Libby, here on the beach in North Shores after 5 p.m.

They had a lengthy conversation.

The President is scheduled to return via Marine One this morning.