UPDATED: Bond Bill, Grants-in-Aid Passed in State House & Senate


UPDATED – 8:30am – On the last day of the 149th General Assembly, state lawmakers were busy.  While the FY 2019 budget was already passed, the Grant-in-Aid and Bond Bills still had to be worked in both chambers.  After a contentious first vote on the Bond Bill the House did approve the measure just before they finally recessed at 8:30 Sunday morning.  It passed easily in the Senate.  The Grant-in-Aid bill also passed in both chambers.


Delaware starts the new Fiscal Year with a balanced budget – but not a Bond Bill or Grant-in-Aid Bill.  The State Senate approved SB 237 – the Grant-in-Aid bill just before 3am – it has been sent to the House for consideration.  As for the Bond Bill, the House didn’t vote on HB 475 until 4:30 this morning – and the measure was defeated with a partisan vote of 23 yes, 3 no and 14 not voting.  The Nos and Not Voting were all Republicans – except for District 8 Representative Quinn Johnson, the primary sponsor of the measure who changed his vote from yes to no.  The Bond Bill needs a ¾’s vote and was defeated.