UPDATE: Work Release Offender Walks Away from Sussex Community Corrections Center, Caught After Brief Search



An offender is back in custody after walking away from the Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown.

According to a spokesperson with the Delaware Department of Correction, the offender had been allowed out on work release.

He was caught early this morning (Monday) after a brief search in the Georgetown area.

Original story:

Multiple agencies are searching for a man who may have busted the rear door of the Sussex Correctional Institution and fled around 1 a.m. Monday.

The escapee is described as a 25-year-old black man about 5’11” tall, 160 pounds wearing regular “plain clothes” as he had reportedly been on work release. His criminal history includes assault on a police officer, weapons charges and previous escapes or attempts.

He was last seen hopping the fence at SCI crossing Dupont Boulevard (U.S. Route 113) headed in a southwest direction.

Police have been attempting to track him using both a police dog and Trooper 2, but as of 3 a.m., the suspect remains at large.

Trooper 2’s track from: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/

This is preliminary info and will be updated as more detail becomes available.