UPDATED: Randon Wilkerson Sentenced to Two Life Sentences Plus over 212 Years in Death of Delmar Police Cpl Keith Heacook


UPDATED: 12/08/23 – Sussex County Superior Court Judge Craig Karsnitz sentenced 32 year old Randon Wilkerson in the murder of Delmar Police Cpl Keith Heacook in April of 2021. Karsnitz told Wilkerson that he would spend the balance of his natural life in the Department of Corrections. Wilkerson was sentenced to life in prison on two 1st degree murder charges followed by over 212 years – all to be served consecutively.

Judge Karsnitz told the court there were many victims along with Cpl Heacook – the couple next door who were also brutally assaulted, the law enforcement community, the community of Delmar and Cpl Heacook’s family. He added that Wilkerson’s actions the morning on April 25th of 2021 were horrific and fueled by drug addiction as well as possible mental health issues, but Judge Karsnitz still believed that Wilkerson know what he was doing.

Cpl Heacook’s sister Anita Feaster came out of the courthouse and said that justice has been served. She says that the family will never be the same, but they are relieved that this is over. Feaster said Thursday was Keith Heacook’s birthday – he would have been 57.

Delmar Police Chief Ivan Barkley tells the Talk of Delmarva he’s glad the sentencing is over and that the judge did an excellent job. Since the death of Cpl Heacook, the Delmar Police department is now fully staffed with now 18 officers – the two newest came on board on Wednesday.

Delmar resident and local realtor Pam Price has been at the forefront to bring needed change to Delmar and says that the past two years have been costly and a nightmare for the community as well as the Delmar Police. She adds that out of tragedy, there has been change in Delmar and the police department is now fully staffed.

Delmar Police Cpl Keith Heacook

Wilkerson was found guilty on 16 charges in October and a pre-sentence investigation was ordered. Wilkerson read a statement during his sentencing this morning where he told the court and Cpl Heacook’s family that he was sincerely sorry and apologized. Wilkerson was led from Courtroom 1 to return to prison – for the rest of his life.

Prosecutors expect an appeal to be filed.


UPDATED 12/07/23 – The man found guilty in the death of Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook will be sentenced Friday morning in Georgetown Superior Court. Randon Wilkerson was found guilty on all 16 charges during a bench trial – he waived a jury trial. Wilkerson faces life in prison, however his attorneys will likely appeal the sentence.


UPDATED – 12:20pm – Courtroom 1 in the Sussex County Courthouse was full – family for both Cpl Heacook and the defendant, Randon Wilkerson, were on hand – as well as a full contingent of law enforcement who were on the scene at the Yorkshire Estates development in Delmar the morning of April 25, 2021. The defendant, Randon Wilkerson, was brought in wearing prison orange and acknowledged his family and friends with a nod as he sat down with his attorney.

Wilkerson waived his right to a jury trial last week and the attorneys agreed to a stipulated trial with opening and closing statements and evidence submitted to the judge. Judge Karsnitz read the evidence in court followed by the video from the body cam worn by Wicomico County Deputy Sheriff Houck as he and a Delaware State Trooper arrived at the scene. Several people in the courtroom left before the video began – several more left shortly after the video started.

A recess was called after the video ended and when court resumed Judge Karsnitz spoke about the video and commended the the work done at the scene by all the law enforcement from Wicomico County, Maryland and Delaware State Police. He then rendered his verdict reading each of the 16 charges separately – guilty on all charges.

Judge Karsnitz has called for a pre-sentencing investigation and sentencing will take place on Friday, December 8. Wilkerson faces a sentence of life in prison.


ORIGINAL STORY – 10/16/23 – 11:45am – Randon Wilkerson has been found guilty on all charges in the death of Delmar Police Cpl Keith Heacook. Superior Court Judge Craig Karsnitz rendered his verdict this morning – a pre-sentence investigation has been ordered and sentencing set for December 8, 2023.