North Beach and Bartender Cited for Liquor Law Violations



Officers from the Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) were present at North Beach this past weekend and have cited a bartender as well as the nightclub for liquor law violations, according to Major Kevin L. Jones, Deputy Chief of Police for the Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement.

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

The bartender was issued a criminal summons for a violation of the “last call” law under Title 4, Section 727.

North Beach will also receive a violation against its liquor license for a violation of the “last call” law, Major Jones said.

In addition, he says North Beach will be cited for the following violations of the Liquor Control Act:

  • Failing to have a server/manager properly trained to serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Failing to have complete meals available as a restaurant.
  • Giving away alcohol.
  • Prohibited trade practice related to encouraging consumers to consume alcohol in an excessive or unduly rapid rate.

Major Jones added that he “will not be able to comment further on any additional details at this time since our office still has an active investigation pending into the operations at North Beach.”