State Sen. Colin Bonini Runs For Governor


State Senator Colin Bonini, R- Dover, announced Friday with Mike Bradley on WGMD that he is running for Governor.

Bonini becomes the fifth candidate to seek the gubernatorial GOP nomination to run against Governor John Carney, who is seeking re-election. Bonini says his theme is “We Can Fix This.”

Bonini also ran for Governor in 2016. He says he is a better candidate now, and some polling indicates he would do well.

“The folks who know me know I’m a strong conservative. I have pretty significant statewide name ID. I’m a proven product,” Bonini said. “We’re going to do the best we can.”

Bonini also said he hopes to avoid a contested primary in September. One of the five GOP candidates in the race is State Senator Bryant Richardson, who is part of the Republican Minority Caucus with Bonini in the Senate.

Bonini also said that in Dover and it appears nationally, bipartisan cooperation to get things done appears to be diminishing.

“The left is absolutely, 100-percent ambition-powered to win. They don’t care, right?” Bonini said. “Four years ago there was a piece of me that said ‘we can work together on this, we can get things done.’ I used to think all of us want the same thing, we just have different ways of getting there.”

“We don’t want the same things.”