Bridgeville Man Charged after Hitting Brother with Vehicle


A Bridgeville man has been arrested after a domestic incident led to a victim being struck by a vehicle.  Delaware State Police were called to Booker T. Washington Street for an assault and learned that an 18 year old man was struck with a vehicle that his brother 21 year old Jaquan James was driving.  James was at his mother’s home fixing her vehicle when his brother came home and wanted to get into a shed that had been locked.  The 18 year old argued with his mother who went to get a bat and machete – she believed her son had a gun.  As the teen began to walk away, as Jaquan started to back out of the driveway – and hit his brother.  The teen was flown to Christiana Hospital in critical condition.  Jaquan is charged with assault and possession of a deadly weapon.