Caesar Rodney School District Superintendent Announces Retirement


The Superintendent of the Caesar Rodney School District in Kent County plans to retire at the end of March.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald has accepted a position with the University of Delaware Academy of School Leadership.

Fitzgerald has spent more than 30-years with the Caesar Rodney School District, which he joined as an assistant principal. He has been the school district’s superintendent since 2007.

“I appreciate the opportunities that have been provided to me by our parents, the School Board, the administrators, staff, students and the entire Caesar Rodney community.  I am proud of what we have achieved together over the years. I’m looking forward to the new opportunity that lies ahead continuing to work with superintendents and other school leaders throughout Delaware the country,” Fitzgerald said in a message to the school community.

According to Board President Mike Marasco, the C.R. District will begin an immediate search for a new superintendent.

“On behalf of the entire School Board, I would like to congratulate Dr. Fitzgerald on the announcement of his retirement from the Caesar Rodney School District. During his 30+ year career with CR he has been a strong and innovative role model for the District. Dr. Fitzgerald’s foresight and attention to detail has enabled Caesar Rodney to remain one of the best districts in the state. His natural ability to relate to students in all grade levels and our staff, has earned him the reputation throughout the state as a Superintendent that can “make it happen”. Dr. Fitzgerald will be missed, and he should be proud of the amazing advancements he helped craft for the many thousands of students that have been educated under his leadership,” Marasco said. “We wish Dr. Fitzgerald continued success as he pursues a new chapter in his journey which continues to demonstrate his dedication to educating both children and adults. Dr. Fitzgerald will always be welcomed with the Rider Pride he helped foster during his tenure and he should be proud, as is the Board, of his legacy here in the Caesar Rodney School District.”