UPDATE: Police arrest teen for bomb threats in Dorchester


UPDATE 3/24 – Detectives from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 15-year old for threatening to blow up Cambridge-South Dorchester High School. On Thursday night concerned parents, students, and residents contacted state and local authorities about a series of bomb threats posted on Instagram threatening to blow up the high school on Friday morning. 5 explosives teams and K-9 units checked the school overnight, finding nothing. Yesterday police identifying their suspect and arresting him. The suspect and his father are cooperating with the sheriff’s office, and authorities say it’s unlikely the student had the ability to follow through with the threats.  He has been charged with making a threat of mass violence and disturbing school activities.


Dorchester County Sheriff’s office giving the all-clear after a bomb threat at the local high school. Parents, students and teachers contacted authorities last night after an Instagram post threatened to blow up Cambridge-South Dorchester High School.

The Sheriff’s office, State Police, and Cambridge city police are working in coordination on the case. 5 explosive detective teams and k-9 units swept the entire school overnight and found no evidence of explosives, and everyone entering the building this morning were checked as well.

Police are trying to identify and locate their suspect, with a reward being offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorchester Sheriff’s Office.