Campaign Sign Damage Investigated in Sussex Co.


A candidate for re-election in Sussex County is dealing with a setback to the campaign: vandalism to some of his larger campaign signs.

Over the past weekend, Recorder of Deeds Scott Dailey said he received a message about an improperly-placed sign and went to investigate.

“I spent the rest of the day coming to the realization that dozens of my signs – and thousands of dollars – had been destroyed,” Dailey told The Talk of Delmarva’s Mike Bradley. Dailey said it appeared that a knife or box-cutter was used to slice some of his signs. Some of the signs were in groups where other signs were left undisturbed.

According to Dailey, Delaware State Police have been contacted about the incidents and are investigating. Dailey’s opponent for the GOP nomination for Recorder of Deeds Alexandra Reed Baker said on social media that she is “extremely saddened” that someone would engage in such terrible behavior and “this is wrong on so many levels.” She is also hopeful “police are able to identify and apprehend the perpetrators as soon as possible.”

“Putting up these signs is hard work. It’s very time-consuming. It’s something that we love to do because we love the office, but to do it twice… it’s not great,” Dailey added.