Capital Budget, Numerous Other Bills Go To Gov. Carney


Delaware’s largest-ever capital budget, known as the bond bill, has passed the General Assembly.

The Fiscal Year 2022 Capital Budget (Senate Bill 200) spends $1.3-billion on transportation, school construction, courthouses and other various projects across the state. Money is also allocated to libraries, state building renovations, college campus improvements, clean water projects and state parks.

The bond bill invests $450-million more than originally proposed by Governor John Carney in January. Higher-than-anticipated state revenues make it possible to address some deferred maintenance and capital projects that otherwise might have waited for several more years.

Also sent to the Governor Tuesday was a bill to tighten the near-ban on single-use plastic bags, a bill to set an objective standard for police officers’ use of force (Senate Bill 147) (Senate Bill 148), expanding criminal record expungement eligibility (Senate Bill 111) (Senate Bill 112), and several others.

The General Assembly is meeting Wednesday for the final scheduled time in 2021, although lawmakers will return for a special session on redistricting. To track the session and bills, please CLICK HERE