Captains Needed To Keep Woodland Ferry Sailing


“Help wanted” at the Woodland Ferry…
Captains are currently needed to keep the ferry running across the Nanticoke River in the Seaford area.
House Minority Leader Danny Short, R-Seaford is spreading the word about the vital need for skilled personnel.
A US Coast Guard license and other criteria must be met.
Applications will be taken through April 27th. For more information, please CLICK HERE

Essential functions and requirements for the position include the following:
— Operates a ferry for the purpose of transporting vehicles across the river.
— Performs routine maintenance.
— Maintains logs & records regarding number of trips and vehicles using the service.
— Supervises loading and unloading of vehicles and passengers to ensure proper distribution of weight and passenger safety.
— Provides information on area roads and towns, and ferry service and history.
— Applicants must possess a United States Coast Guard license to operate and navigate passenger vehicles of at least 100 tons for the purpose of carrying vehicles and passengers.