Carney Signs Bill to Update Renewable Portfolio Standard

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40-percent of Delaware’s energy supply would come from renewable sources by 2035 under legislation signed by Governor John Carney.

“Delaware is the country’s lowest-lying state, and climate change is already having a very real impact,” Carney said during a virtual bill-signing event Wednesday for Senate Bill 33. “This legislation will help accelerate Delaware’s transition to renewable sources of energy, which is good for our economy and our environment, and I’m pleased to sign it into law.”

“Extending and updating the Renewable Portfolio Standard involves a few complicated mechanisms but one simple idea: the energy future in front of us looks very different from the energy past that got us here,” State Senator Stephanie Hansen, D- Middletown, said. “By encouraging greater use of renewable energy sources, we can simultaneously stimulate innovation, encourage job growth, push for cleaner air, and find new ways to lower energy bills for Delawareans. That’s reason to celebrate and to keep pushing for progress. I’m proud to have sponsored this bill, building off the work of Sen. Harris McDowell, and I thank the governor for signing it today.”

Representative Steve Smyk, R- Milton, Lewes, is still concerned about possible cost increases as well as mandates that could actually confine energy producers.

“It’s sad when we have to do that. It should be done at the market level,” Smyk said during an appearance with Mike Bradley on WGMD. “There are other ways to encourage this without mandates.”

“Promoting the use of renewable energy is essential for continuing progress on meeting our targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are driving the climate change impacts we are already experiencing in Delaware, including sea level rise, increased temperatures and more frequent and intense storms, droughts and flooding,” Delaware Natural Resources Secretary Shawn Garvin said.