Carper calls for witnesses in impeachment trial to sway Republicans


Entering the third day of the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump, Delaware’s Senior U.S. Senator Tom Carper is continuing to call for witnesses.

Speaking to PBS Newshour, Senator Carper said his hope is that to hear from witnesses during the trial would sway some of his Republican colleagues.

“If there’s a juror, there’s a trial,” Senator Carper said. “You’ve got to have witnesses and you’ve got to have information that’s relevant to that trial.”

Senator Carper further added that he believes the message for witnesses to appear is “breaking through.”

“My hope is that it’ll convince some of our Republicans to go along with this, maybe four or five, in order to bring in witnesses who have relevant information, not a hundred, not a thousand witnesses, but those who have relevant information and were close to the President and knew what was going on,” Senator Carper told PBS.

Following hours of opening arguments Wednesday, the U.S. Senate impeachment trial is set to reconvene for its third day Thursday afternoon.