Casino relief bill clears DE Senate Finance Committee


Legislation that would give Delaware’s three casinos tax relief is clearing its first hurdle.

The Senate Finance Committee approved the bill yesterday.  It would slightly lower the tax rate on slots, bring down the state’s take of table game revenue and suspend the table gaming license fee.

State Senator Ernie Lopez says he’s against the casino bill. He tells WGMD he didn’t think it was a top priority.

“I just felt that running this bill at this point, when we haven’t taken care of our corrections officers…our teachers…our Delaware river and bay pilots yet,” says Sen. Lopez. “We havent taken care of those who are out there day-in and day-out on behalf of the state first. I thought it was a little presumptuous for us to run this bill at this point in time.”

The measure would generate about 15-million less in revenue next fiscal year.