*Caution* Deer Crashes Spike During This Time of Year


State Police would like to remind motorists use extra caution on Delaware roadways as the deer rut and hunting season is fast-approaching during the months of October and November.

The majority of deer activity resulting in crashes occur during the dusk and dawn hour on main roads as well as back roads. Keep a sharp eye out for deer crossing roadways, especially at dusk.

Deer are even more active due to their annual mating season ‘rut’ in November with bucks chasing doe through fields, marshes and woods.

The average white-tailed deer in Delaware weighs approximately 130 pounds, with larger bucks tipping the scales at 180 pounds or more.

With the increased white-tailed deer activity, Delaware motorists are kindly reminded to stay alert and to be ready for a deer to dart out into the roadway from dusk to dawn.

A deer crash can result in serious injury or death to you or your passengers as well as serious damage to your vehicle. Attentive driving and slow speeds are the best ways to avoid deer crashes.

To reduce your risk of injury in a collision, always wear your seatbelt.

Turn your headlights on at dawn and dusk and keep your eyes on the road, scanning the sides of the road as well as what’s ahead of you.

When there is no oncoming traffic, switch to high beams to better reflect the eyes of deer on or near the roadway.

Watch for “Deer Crossing” signs that mark commonly-traveled areas, and be aware that deer typically cross between areas of cover, such as woods or where roads divide agricultural fields from woods.