Child Abuse and Assault Case Sentencing in Wicomico County


38-year-old Brian Fitchett has been sentenced to 35 years for Assault in the First Degree and child abuse offenses. The sentencing took place in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County. Last month, a Wicomico County jury convicted Fitchett of First-Degree Assault and Child Abuse-Second Degree. According to the Office of the State’s Attorney for Wicomico County, in February last year, following a verbal disagreement, the victim told Fitchett to leave her home, after which he started to strangle her. The victim was restricted in her ability to breathe, but she was able to pry his hands off of her neck to call her daughter for help. When the minor entered the room, Fitchett threw her into a window sill and chased her down the stairs as she fled for help. Fitchett then bit into the victim’s face causing a permanent injury requiring over thirty stitches.

Brian Fitchett