Committee Hearing on SB 24 – to Ban Mass Balloon Releases – Wednesday 1pm


The Delaware General Assembly’s Senate Environment & Energy Committee will hold a hearing by Zoom on Wednesday on Senate Bill 24, which will ban mass balloon releases at events and memorials. The MERR Institute supports this measure as balloons cause suffering and death to thousands of animals each year who mistake the balloons for food. Over 50% of those animals are sea turtles, who mistake balloons in the water for a food source such as jellyfish. They consume the balloons, which ultimately block their esophagus and stomach causing them to slowly starve to death. In addition, the ribbons that are often attached to the balloons cause entanglement, strangulation and severe injury. We are so pleased that this bill has reached this point in the process.The Zoom hearing begins at 1pm. You’ll find more on the issue at MERR’s website.

CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE ZOOM PUBLIC HEARING FOR SB24 (scroll to bottom of page for link to register – can also join meeting by telephone. Written comment will also be accepted up to 24 hours after meeting adjourns)