Constitutionalists to rally outside Legislative Hall today to reopen Delaware

Constitutionalists across the state are set to take to the streets later today to protest in response to the ongoing shutdown as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Delaware.

The Reopen Delaware rallies will be held at two locations across the state with a start time of 12 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2020. One rally will be held outside Legislative Hall in Dover and the other in Downtown Wilmington.

Rob Arlett, a former Sussex County Councilman and Chairman of the Trump Campaign in Delaware, is a host of the rally in Dover and said what this is about is constitutional rights and freedoms that have been infringed upon as a result of the shutdown.

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, Rob Arlett explains…

“The goal was to flatten the curve to ensure the infrastructure could handle the numbers, mission accomplished, well it appears now that the government is choosing not to flatten the curve but to crush our economy and crush our personal freedoms,” Arlett said. “It’s shifted.”

Organizers have encouraged participants to use social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. The demonstration has been promoted as a peaceful way for those concerned over their constitutional rights to have their voices heard.

“Nobody has the ability to stricken one’s constitutional rights,” Arlett said. “The Governor’s executive orders do not override the U.S. Constitution.”

Similar protests have already been held in other states across the nation, including neighboring Maryland where yet another rally is scheduled to take place Saturday starting in Frederick and ending in Salisbury.