Convicted murderer asks for new trial after witness changes testimony

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The alleged ringleader of a crime syndicate convicted of a double homicide in Millsboro is asking for a new trial. Cape Gazette reporting the attorney representing Steven Kellam is asking for a new trial because a witness is now saying prosecution coerced false tesimony from him.

Prosecutors alleged Kellam was the leader of a crime network spanning Kent and Sussex Counties involved in racketeering, home invasions, drug trafficking and murder. Richard Robinson took a plea deal, in exchange for testimony, saying Kellam ordered the murder of Cletis Nelson and William Hopkins in 2014.

However, in December of last year Robinson wrote letters written to his attorney and a superior court judge, recanting that testimony against Kellam, saying the detectives and prosecution told him to lie under oath and used his daughter as leverage to get the false testimony.

Prosecutors say the sudden change of heart might have to do with Robinson’s new neighbor on the cellblock at Vaughn Correctional Center: Steven Kellam. They say the request for new trial should be denied out say Kellam has been known to threaten witnesses and that the wording of the letters seems to be scripted.

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