Coons calls Trump an “impulsive, inexperienced” President


U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) called President Trump “impulsive and inexperienced” and said Congress needs to take a hard look into what deals the President may have potentially cut with foreign dictators.

Senator Coons appeared on MSNBC where he slammed the President for his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

“We now have to take a hard look at what other circumstances around the world might lead in an impulsive and inexperienced President to cut some deal with a foreign dictator in pursuit of what he thinks is in America’s best interest, but is demonstrably not,” Coons told the morning team of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Senator Coons touted his recent opinion piece published in The Atlantic where he criticized President Trump’s recent foreign policy decisions, specifically the decision to withdraw troops from Syria which he called disastrous.

“Trump’s abrupt order to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria was not a legitimate response to Americans who are tired of ‘forever wars.’,” the Senator wrote.

Also cited was the President’s recent move to deploy 3,000 troops to Saudi Arabia, according to the Senator, who said what’s to stop the President from potentially pulling the U.S. out of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

WGMD News has reached out to Senator Coons, requesting an interview for the Senator’s position on the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump.