Coons weighs in on impeachment hearings, claims Trump abused his power


Delaware U.S. Senator Chris Coons weighed in on the current impeachment hearings, saying it’s clear this was an orchestrated campaign by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani to attack Joe Biden by abusing the power of presidency.

Appearing on CNN, Senator Coons said it’s not just one phone call but a “private foreign policy that was designed to benefit President Trump politically.”

“What I think’s important for people to keep in mind is that this isn’t just one phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky,” Coons said. “What we’ve heard in public testimony last week is this was clearly an orchestrated campaign largely led by Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s private attorney.”

Impeachment hearings will resume publicly at 9 a.m., Tuesday with appearances by senior national security officials.