Counterfeit Bill Reports More Than Double in Rehoboth


Rehoboth Beach businesses have reported eight cases of counterfeit bills so far this year. While not a large number, it is almost triple the counterfeit cases Rehoboth Beach police investigated in all of 2018 when the department received only three reports.

“What I have noticed over the years is an increase in smaller denominations of counterfeit bills, especially $10 bills,” Lt. William Sullivan, police spokesman, said this past Wednesday. Ironically, this past Friday evening a boardwalk business turned over this counterfeit $10 bill. This photo, provided by the business, is of the actual counterfeit. This bill “felt real and I would have had no reason to hold the bill up to look for a watermark or a security strip,” the employee pointed out.

“We have had more [counterfeit bills] this year than any other year but they have all been low denomination,” he pointed out. “I think the lower the denomination, the easier it is to pass. There has been no correlation between the bills that we have noticed,” he added. The serial numbers have all been unique.

Also interesting is this counterfeit $1 bill that was received by a Rehoboth Beach business earlier this summer.

Lt. Sullivan says there is a new process of reporting counterfeits to the Secret Service. Delaware police used to send them to Wilmington, but the bogus bills now have to be entered online and accepted using this website.