COVID Relief Front-And-Center As Md. Lawmakers Start Session


Maryland lawmakers are being asked to make some quick decisions about a $1-billion COVID-19 relief package proposed by Governor Larry Hogan Monday.

The General Assembly session begins today. Delegate Wayne Hartman (R- Wicomico-Worcester) told WGMD’s Mike Bradley the proposal likely needs some ‘tweaking.’ Hogan introduce the measure on an emergency basis, meaning that stimulus checks, tax credits and other relief measures could start going out as soon as it’s passed and signed.

“This generalization, the broad brush, I’m not a fan of and I really think there’s some tweaking to do,” Hartman said.

Tuesday, Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones (D- Baltimore Co.) announced new leadership appointments:

路       Appropriations Vice Chair: Delegate Mark Chang

路       Appropriations Capital Subcommittee: Delegate Ben Barnes, Chair/ Delegate Mark Chang, Vice Chair

路       Appropriations Pension Subcommittee: Delegate Susie Proctor, Chair/ Delegate Tony Bridges, Vice Chair

路       Ways and Means Election Law Subcommittee: Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins, Chair

路       Spending Affordability Committee: Delegate Marc Korman, Chair

路       Joint Committee on Pensions: Delegate Brooke Lierman, Chair

路       Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology and Biotechnology: Delegate Pat Young, Chair

鈥淭hese appointments to House leadership continue our efforts to promote new leaders and new ideas, foster a broader consensus across the state and make sure that Maryland鈥檚 legislative leaders are truly representative of our diverse and growing population,鈥 Jones said. 鈥淚鈥檓 proud of our leadership team and I know that together, we will do great things for the people of Maryland.鈥

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