CPR, AED Help Resuscitate Heart Attack Victim at Dewey Pub


Dewey Beach police, Rehoboth Beach EMS and Sussex County paramedics helped save a 61-year-old man who collapsed in cardiac arrest while suffering a suspected heart attack this past Thursday evening in the Dewey Beer Company. Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, police spokesman, says the officer performed CPR on the victim until the ambulance crew arrived.

They then used an AED to defibrillate him three times. The paramedic crew, which came from the greatest distance, arrived after about nine minutes. Glenn Marshall, Sussex County EMS spokesman, says thanks to their efforts with prompt CPR and the AED it made it possible for medics to get the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab which could lead to a positive outcome in this situation. Sgt. Dempsey said the man was last reported in stable condition on Monday.