UPDATED: Dali Gone from Bridge Collapse Site, Federal Channel Open while Salvage Work Continues


Dali has been refloated & is free from the Key Bridge collapse site. Tugs are slowly escorting the Dali to a local marine terminal

UPDATED – 05/20/24 – 4:30pm – The Dali was refloated early Monday morning and towed and pushed about 2.5 miles to a local marine terminal by several tug boats – arriving around 9am. This has allowed for the restoration of the Federal Channel allowing all pre-collapse deep-draft commercial vessels to enter and exit the Port of Baltimore – with an operational width of nearly 400 feet to a depth of 50 feet. There is still wreckage being cleared and barges and cranes already on site are being used to remove the remaining bridge wreckage. This effort will continue until the federal channel is restored to its original width of 700 feet and all steel below the mudline is removed.


UPDATED – 05/20/24 – The Dali has been re-floated and began moving away from the Key Bridge collapse site around 7 this morning. The Dali is being escorted by a number of tug boats and will be moved to a local marine terminal. This is a slow process – the Dali is only moving at about 1mph. The pathway to Dali’s new location was scanned as clear last week.

Watch the slow progress on the camscape.com webcam or get updates from Key Bridge Response 2024.


Sunday morning haze at the Port of Baltimore Key Bridge collapse site – as the Dali waits for re-floating and transit to a local marine terminal / From the Port of Baltimore Key Bridge Cleanup livecam

ORIGINAL STORY – 05/19/24 -Unified Command expects to re-float and transit the Dali from it’s location at the Key Bridge collapse to a local marine terminal Monday morning. To re-float the vessel – it will be prepared at 2am – so that the Dali can catch peak high tide just before 5:30am for a controlled transit. Actual work to re-float the Dali will begin around midday today(Sunday). Once the Dali is free of the bridge collapse site – up to five tugs will escort the vessel to the new location.

CLICK HERE FOR THE PORT OF BALTIMORE BRIDGE CLEANUP LIVECAM (On PC you cannot go full-screen – but you can separate the picture – and take that full screen)