DE Coronavirus Numbers the Highest New Cases Since January


Delaware’s positive coronavirus cases took a huge jump at the end of last week – to the highest numbers since January. There were 657 new positive cases Thursday – 634 on Friday – with a 7-day average of positive cases at 9.1%. New Castle County has 334 positive cases, Sussex has 160 and Kent 140. Statewide 251 people were hospitalized Friday – with 38 of them in critical condition. Delaware Public Health reports 2307 breakthrough cases on Friday – which is 0.46% of those who have been fully vaccinated – which is now over 507,000. On Friday – another 2300 got a first or second dose of vaccine – while over 1360 became fully vaccinated.

DPH is carefully tracking the Mu variant, technically known as B.1.621, which is not currently on the CDC list for variant of interest or concern. To date, Delaware has detected 18 cases of the Mu variant.

Virus mutation is common. Sequencing for variants is a complex process and is not used for diagnosing COVID-19 but is used after a positive case of COVID-19 has been identified for surveillance purposes, or in identifying the presence of a variant strain in the community. Because these variants may spread more easily, it is even more important that unvaccinated individuals who are more susceptible to getting COVID-19 continue taking the necessary steps to avoid spreading the virus – wearing a mask, washing your hands, and being cautious when attending large gatherings. 

Delawareans can now access their immunization record through the DelVAX Public Access Portal. Parents and legal guardians can print official immunization records for their child/children (ages 0 through 17 years), and adults (ages 18 years and over) can print an official immunization record for themselves. For information and link for the DelVAX Public Access Portal: DelVAX is the official record for a person’s vaccination data. Individuals who need assistance can call 1-800-282-8672, or email

Click here for the My Healthy Community Database and to see all the numbers – including by county.