DE General Assembly Recognizes Officers & Crew of New USS Delaware

The USS Delaware. Virginia-class fast attack submarine
Photo credit: Huntington Ingalls Industries, provider of the livestream

l-r: Commander Brian P. Hogan, Commanding Officer, USS Delaware, US Senator, Tom Carper, Ms. Jennifer Boykin, President, Newport News Shipbuilding, Dr. Jill Biden, sponsor of the USS Delaware
Photo credit: Huntington Ingalls Industries, provider of the livestream

House Concurrent Resolution 16 was passed in both chambers of the Delaware General Assembly.  This measure recognizes the officers and crew of the new USS Delaware submarine, which is slated for commissioning by the U.S. Navy.  According to the USS Delaware commissioning website – the tentative schedule for commissioning is summer / fall of this year.  The sub was christened last October in Norfolk my Dr. Jill Biden, the attack sub’s sponsor.

The future USS Delaware, designated SSN 791, is the seventh ship to bear the name of “The First State.” The first Delaware served in the American Revolution, the second in the Quasi War with France. The third was burned to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Confederate Navy. The fourth served blockading duties through the end of the Civil War. Little is known about the fifth, other than she was a screw steamer that began life with another name before being renamed Delaware on May 15, 1869. The sixth Delaware was a battleship commissioned Apr. 4, 1910, that served in the Atlantic and Caribbean. During World War I, she provided convoy escort and participated in allied naval exercises. She was decommissioned Nov. 10, 1923.