DE Governor Carney Signs National Popular Vote Bill Into Law


On Thursday, March 28, Delaware Governor John Carney, a Democrat signed into law a bill that would award the state’s three electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote winner, should a majority of states agree to do the same.

The bill was introduced by Senate Majority Whip Bryan Townsend, a Democrat of New Castle County back in February. Initially, a bipartisan group of co-sponsors expressed their support, but Republican lawmakers eventually began to revoke their support.

Senate Bill 22 passed the State Senate on March 7th and passed in the State House on March 14th. Governor Carney expressed support for the legislation prior to it’s passage.

13 States and Washington, D.C., equaling 184 electoral votes have signed on. As mentioned, it would not go into effect until enough states to equal 270 or more electoral votes (a majority) sign on. So far only traditionally Democratic states have signed it into law.

Proponents believe it would allow for a “one vote = one vote” system, while opponents believe it unconstitutionally supersedes the electoral college system the founding fathers implemented and would give major cities too much influence.