DE National Guard Activated for Storm Response


The Delaware National Guard has been activated and is now in place to support any needed actions in regards to Tropical Storm Ophelia. The Delaware Emergency Management Agency is coordinating with FEMA Region 3 as well as state, county and local agencies to be ready to respond statewide if needed.

Image courtesy DEMA & National Weather Service

Additional information from DEMA:
Major concerns right now are flooding in low lying areas in coastal Kent County, near Long Neck and Oak Orchard in Sussex County, as well as the potential effect of tidal cycles on flooding and water drainage across the region. The area could receive up to 2 inches of rain or more in several areas over the next two days. Forecast winds are expected to shift from an onshore flow to a westerly flow by tomorrow, which could aid in draining back bays and other areas. DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation has already closed campgrounds in coastal areas and some mobile home parks in Sussex County have had power shut off to prevent transformer inundation. There are currently some reports of scattered power outages in several areas and providers are working to restore service.

DEMA, along with county emergency management officials as well as the City of Wilmington, are monitoring the situation and prepared to respond.

On Friday, emergency officials in Kent and Sussex County met with town managers and local fire companies and first responders to assess needs and plan operations for the weekend. DelDOT and other state agencies are standing by to provide support as needed.