DE offering $4 water quality tests for private well owners

The Delaware Division of Public Health is selling kits for you to test the quality of your well water. There are two types of kits being offered, one that tests for chemicals, and one that tests for bacteria contaminates. Each kit costs $2 each, and can be picked up and dropped off at Adams State Service Center, Georgetown or Thomas Collins Building-Suite 5, Dover. Officials recommend private wells get tested once a year and say it’s the owner’s responsibility to test the water quality.

  • Samples should not be collected on Friday Saturday or Sunday.
  • The Well owner should allow their water to run for 5 minutes then fill the containers at a non swivel tap and immediately return the kit to the one of the purchase sites.
  • The well owner should fill out as much information as possible on the forms.
  • These test kits WILL NOT be analyzed for compounds that may be in your water due to a spill or environmental release.

More information can be found on the Division of Public Health website.