DE Republican Convention Held Saturday & President Biden Moved to Rehoboth Beach Fire House after Plane Entered Restricted Airspace

Gordon Bowers, Lee Murphy (candidate for Congress) and Cindy Francho.
Photo courtesy Alan Henney

The Delaware Republican Party held its nominating convention today at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center. The party nominates candidates for federal and statewide races. This year there were no contested races. The candidate for US Congress is Lee Murphy, Attorney General is Julianne Murray, Treasurer is Greg Coverdale and Janice Lorrah for State Auditor.

Ironically, while many Delaware Republicans were at the Convention Center, around 1pm President Biden and the First Lady were hustled away from their Rehoboth Beach home after a small plane entered the restricted airspace over Rehoboth Beach. They were taken to the Rehoboth Beach Firehouse, which is next to the Convention Center, while the plane was escorted out of the area. The US Secret Service reports the pilot was “not on the proper radio channel, was not following the NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) that had been filed and was not following published flight guidance. The United States Secret Service will be interviewing the pilot.”

The black SUVs and other vehicles moved off the Avenue and took the President and First Lady back to the beach house just after 1:30pm.