DE Senate passes bump stock ban, sends bill back to House


Delaware State Senate passed HB 300 yesterday, a law banning bump stocks and trigger cranks. The bill passed by a vote of 18-1 with Sen. Dave Lawson the lone dissenting vote. However, the Senate added two amendments which need House approval. One amendment would make possession of a trigger crank a misdemeanor for the first offense, but a felony for subsequent offense, or if one is found attached to a firearm. The other amendment would ensure turning a bump stock or trigger crank into authorities would not be a basis for proof of possession, which legislators hope will make people more likely to relinquish their bump stocks and trigger cranks.

UPDATE: Sen. Dave Lawson issued the following statement regarding his dissenting vote:

“Senator Dave Lawson (R-Marydel) voted against House Bill 300, An Act to Amend Title 11 of the Delaware Code Relating to Destructive Weapons (also known as the bump stock bill), because the bill mandated for the unconstitutional taking of private property without just compensation. The bill would force persons who had purchased these devices legally to turn them in or face felony charges.

Senator Lawson stated that he sees no redeeming qualities in bump stocks or trigger cranks. The issue for him is the bill, as written, violates the United States Constitution. If the government is allowed to take this piece of personal property, what is next?

An amendment was introduced to correct this error and the amendment was voted down by the Democrat Senators. Had the bill been in line with the Constitution, Senator Lawson would have voted for it.”