DE State Auditor candidate blasts opponent for taking money, endorsements from elected officials


A candidate for Delaware’s State Auditor is being called on to drop out of the race.

Former State Representative and auditor candidate Dennis Williams is calling for Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuinness to drop out of the race, calling her “too compromised and flawed” to remain in the state auditor’s race.

Williams unleashed a blistering statement yesterday claiming McGuinness is unqualified for the position, that she is misrepresenting her credentials for the job, and that the Rehoboth Commissioner has compromised her independence by taking donations and endorsements from statewide officials.

Williams says he has been an accounting and operations management professional with over 30 years experience under his belt, and says he has not and will not seek endorsements or financial support from any currently serving elected official or department or agency head, either at the state or local level. Williams says the State Auditor will have to investigate officials and agencies, so any contributions and endorsements are potential conflicts of interest.

When asked for a response, McGuinness tells WGMD she is disappointed the campaign has turned negative and says “The job of Auditor is to protect taxpayers’ dollars and I look forward to continuing to talk with voters about how I will use my extensive entrepreneurial and non-profit experience to do just that. “