Del. AG Announces Lawsuit Over USPS Changes


Delaware is one of several states suing the United States Postal Service over reported deliberate disruptions in operations during the pandemic.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings was joined by several elected officials in announcing the lawsuit. She spoke of President Trump’s statement on national television about his opposition to mail-in voting and perceived intent to use the postal service to slow down balloting, which would have the effect of suppressing the vote.

“Every American depends on the mail, and millions of people are being harmed because of political sabotage writ large,” Jennings said. “You don’t have to take my word for it: the President made clear on national TV that he’s trying to prevent a fair election. In any other era, under any other administration, it would be unthinkable to appoint a megadonor to deliberately break one of America’s oldest public services — but corruption has become the new normal. I’m not standing for it, and neither are my fellow Attorneys General.” 

Senator Tom Carper’s office has received escalating complaints about the postal service, including whistleblower complaints from current postal workers. The postal service has also reportedly removed mail processing machines from a New Castle County facility.

“The fact that these slowdowns are happening during a pandemic and right before an election during which a record number of Americans plan to vote by mail – and all while the President bashes mail-in voting – is more than enough to raise eyebrows,” Carper said. “I’ve also heard from Delawareans up and down our state who are frustrated that they are not receiving their regular mail, including prescription medications, paychecks and letters, in a timely way. That’s why I’m proud that, thanks to Attorney General Jennings, Delaware is joining the fight and working to stop what appear to be blatantly partisan practices. I have also joined my colleagues in the Senate to begin investigations into this matter. Americans of all political affiliations — not just Democrats — who will rely on the Postal Service to make their voice heard in November deserve better than these partisan games.”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy also said Tuesday any proposed operational changes would be suspended until after the election.