Del. Courts Unveil Diversity Initiative

Delaware is looking to make progress with diversity in the courts.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Collins Seitz Junior Monday announced the Delaware Bench and Bar Diversity Project. A steering committee of judicial officers, individuals and organizations will lead efforts to build and sustain a more diverse bench and bar. The project was launched in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts and Access Lex Institute.

The announcement came on the 67th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Brown Vs. Board of Education Decision that cleared the way for school desegregation.

“The National Center for State Courts and AccessLex Institute are committing their formidable experience, expertise and resources to support our project. These organizations have been at the forefront of helping state courts and bars study diversity issues and recommend meaningful steps to address the lack of diversity in the legal profession,” Chief Justice Seitz said.

“I am excited with the work that NCSC and AccessLex will be doing in partnership with Delaware and congratulate Chief Justice Seitz for his forward-thinking leadership on one of the most important issues facing our nation’s legal profession, increasing its diversity,” Conference of Chief Justices President Chief Justice Nathan Hecht said.