Del. Electric Co-op Considers Rate Increase Wed.


Delaware Electric Cooperative residential bills could go up by about 8% under a proposal to be considered by the not-for-profit utility’s board this week.

According to DEC President and CEO Greg Starheim, the member-owned utility has been paying about 60% more for the natural gas it needs to generate power since last year. This would be the first overall rate increase since 2019.

“We are having to make an adjustment in the part of our bill called the Power Cost Adjustment to reflect an increase in cost that we did begin to incur as of January 1st as a result of the increase in wholesale power and natural gas prices,” Starheim said.

“We don’t take this lightly.”

DEC members may take part in the virtual rate hearing and meeting Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. To find out more, please CLICK HERE

Starheim also said it would be a good time for Delaware Electric Cooperative members to consider possible energy-savings measures around the home and to enroll in the utility’s Beat the Peak program.

From DEC:

• Set thermostats to 68 degrees in winter.
• Run ceiling paddle fans on low, spinning clockwise in winter.
• Change HVAC filters monthly.
• When installing new air filters, make sure they are facing in the correct direction (look for arrow on side of filter).
• When heating, keep windows locked.
• Insulate electric wall outlets and wall switches with foam pads.
• Caulk around plumbing pipes that come through walls beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks.
• Ensure attic access door closes tightly.
• Do not close off unused rooms that are conditioned by forced-air systems.
• Do not close supply air registers.
• Check to be sure return air grilles are not blocked by furniture or bookcases.
• Ensure windows and doors are properly weather-stripped.
• Have your HVAC system serviced once per year by a NATE-certified technician.
• Consider signing up for a low-cost Delaware home energy audit by visiting