Del. Expands Educational Opportunities For Incarcerated Offenders


The Delaware Department of Correction, Department of Education and Delaware Tech have announced a new collaboration that will bring college-level instruction to inmates.

The Second Chance Pell Experiment has accepted Delaware Tech as a participant in the federal initiative, which makes Federal Pell grants available to incarcerated offenders to allow them to enroll in remote learning programs. This program waives federal regulations that prohibit inmates from receiving federal grants.

“This program will provide greater opportunities that create pathways to gainful employment and reduce recidivism,” Delaware Tech President Dr. Mark Brainard said. “It’s clearly aligned with our mission to change our students’ lives through an inclusive environment that fosters equity and student success.”

The program will start with a pilot program at the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution and Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington.

“The Department of Correction is committed to driving reentry opportunities through innovative educational, treatment and training programs as we embrace our dual mission of public safety and second chances,”  Correction Commissioner Claire DeMatteis said. “In addition to expanding access to vocational and skills training for incarcerated individuals, a college education can be their pathway to earning a livable wage and set their foundation for success in life.  We value our partnership with President Brainard, Secretary Bunting and our exceptional teams who are making these new educational opportunities a reality.”