Del. GOP Lawmakers Unveil Election Integrity Measures


Election integrity is the focus of several bills introduced by Republicans in the Delaware General Assembly.

A Senate concurrent resolution sponsored by State Senator Dave Wilson, R-Lincoln would establish a Registered Voter List Improvement Task Force. The panel would be directed to review current laws and practices and come up with recommendations for improving the accuracy of voter rolls.

“The registered voter list is often used by state lawmakers and many others to perform constituent mailings and conduct other public outreach,” Wilson said.  “Any time I’ve done a mailing using it, I always get back a lot of undelivered pieces.”

Other GOP bills would address signature verification for absentee voting, and would increase the penalties for anyone found guilty of voter fraud. Reforms in voter ID standards and standardizing the request procedure for an absentee ballot are also part of the package.

“We understand that we’re going to hear some criticism about these bills,” House Minority Leader Danny Short, R-Seaford said.  “What I’m asking everyone to do is to cut through the rhetoric, read the bills, make up your own mind, and let us know what you think.”