Del. GOP Outlines Student Learning Improvement Plan


The Delaware Republican Party sees opportunity in the current uncertainty over virtual learning and when students will be able to return for in-person instruction.

State GOP Chair Jane Brady outlined several initiatives Thursday at a news conference in Wilmington which she said could help address issues that developed long before the pandemic.

“Our objective is to improve student learning. For too long the focus has been on ‘education’ and its components and not on how well our students are actually learning what they need to know to succeed in business and in life,” Brady said. “Let us focus on the students, first and foremost, and what works for them.”

The GOP’s specific suggestions start with opening the schools.

“If state government would ‘listen to the experts’ or ‘follow the science,’ they would open the schools,” Brady said “Let children learn five days a week. let them ask questions and explore the ideas their teachers are posing. Let them have hands-on experience with chemistry and biology and technology classes. Open our schools.”

The Republican Party also proposes to open a statewide remote learning school, which Brady said recognizes that remote learning may be one of the best options for some students. The education platform also seeks expansion of charter schools and school choice, and calls for more support of home schooling.

“We’ve got to look beyond just what we’re doing today,” said Ron Russo, founder of Wilmington Charter School, the first charter school in Delaware. “I’m looking at not only the crisis that we’re faced with COVID. I’m looking at a change in the educational system. That’s what the change is – the change has to be systemic change.”