Del. Group Seeks More Transparency Of Police Investigations


There is a call for more police reform in Delaware.

The ACLU of Delaware, the NAACP of Delaware and other organizations have begun the ‘Delaware: Police Accountability NOW’ campaign. The group made its announcement one day after former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted for the death of George Floyd.

“Chauvin’s conviction was an important step forward in police accountability, but it doesn’t bring justice to Mr. Floyd or any of the other lives lost at the hands of police. To realize justice, we must radically change policing to increase accountability and transparency and create policies that combat racist police practices,” ACLU of Delaware Manager of Delaware’s Campaign for Smart Justice Haneef Salaam said.

Some police reforms have passed in Delaware, but the campaign points out that the Delaware Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights, in their words, makes public access to police investigations nearly impossible.

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Additional goals were provided by the Delaware ACLU:

The Delaware: Police Accountability NOW campaign will focus on passing four main reforms before this year’s legislative session ends:

  1. Revise LEOBOR to make police disciplinary records and use of force reports public record.
  2. Amend LEOBOR to allow civilian review boards that can review, investigate, and discipline officers in misconduct cases to be established in cities across Delaware.
  3. Revise the standards and practices for use of force so that officers can be held accountable when they engage in unconstitutional use of force.
  4. Implement body-worn cameras, require them to be turned on during all police and community interactions, and make that footage public.