Del. Introduces Mobile ID App

The Delaware DMV plans to roll out a digital ID credential through a new app, which will allow licensed drivers and identification card holders to use their smartphones as a form of ID.

Motor vehicles officials say Delaware Mobile ID will have security features that will protect against identity theft. Users will also be offered privacy control options.

“Mobile ID has additional benefits that a physical identification card simply does not have, and Delaware is proud to be one of the first states to pilot this technology,” Delaware DMV Director Jana Simpler said. “We are happy to be able to provide this voluntary option to our customers.”

“Delaware’s release of Mobile ID technology is a significant step in bringing citizens a secure identification option at their fingertips,” Civil and Mobile ID of IDEMIA Senior Vice President Matt Thompson said. “We are pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with Delaware to unveil this innovative technology as the state pioneers this new industry.”

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